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Pie bungie-corded to a bike pannier made from a tub of Tidy Cats kitty litter

Transporting pie for Pi Day with my new pannier

Calm water in creek seen from cliff above

Barton Creek Greenbelt

Old, graffitied car in woods

Bull Creek Greenbelt

Pacific Crest Trail, Washington Section J

Tall tree with only one green branch on cliff. Ridge above treeline in background

I didn't do the whole Section J, nor (and this is one of my biggest regrets) the Goldmayer Hot Springs alternate. I just did ~45 miles from Snoqualmie Pass to the Cathedral Pass Trail and four miles along that trail to a road near the Cle Elum River.

Rocks and thin trees with downward angled branches
Sign: "Alpine Lakes Wilderness"
Path above treeline
Conifers with an even slightly rightward slant. Clouds overlay mountains in background
View of steep valley. Rocks with cubic cleavage in foreground
Alpine lake
Alpine lake
Near shore of pond. Yellow- and red-leafed shrubs in foreground
Rocky cliffs and conifers. Two white goats, small, in bottom-right quadrant

View from "the Haystack", Mount Si, Washington. See the mountain goats?

L track lit up at night with Trump-(ugh)-branded tower in centered in distance

Chicago again

Rhode Island Statehouse

Inside the rotunda
Green carpeted chamber
Red-carpeted chamber seen from second-floor gallery
Gold-colored elevator door decorated with six RI state seals
Looking up a between two skyscrapers to moon visible in daylight

Houston, TX

Looking up steep hill to Ennis House

Frank Lloyd Wright's Ennis House near Griffith Park, Los Angeles, CA

Palm Springs, CA

View of the city's well-gridded blocks seen from rocky foothills
Desert mountains with rows of windmills on valley floor visible to right
Desert shrubs along path
Grey sky with low visibility over pine trees and a winding sidewalk

Quite the contrast at the top of the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway

Water moving swiftly under bridge as seen from train window

More water than you normally see in the LA River

Mountains visible in background between two similar-looking dwellings

Silver Lake, LA, CA

Corner of pier against grey sky and blue-green water

Santa Monica Pier

Chicago, IL

New Orleans, LA

"THE AGGY ARTE GALLERIE" written in clay on cave wall

Airmen's Cave, Austin, TX

A flood on Waller Creek

Waller creek covering a golf cart crossing
Chunk of asphalt displaced from road
Waterlogged laptop next to the creek

Putting something together quickly here...

Cranes, cranes, cranes

UT Austin's medical school going up back in 2015...