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Crockford-Pigeon Mountain WMA, Georgia ⇄ Little River National Preserve, Alabama

Paige standing on a large boulder surrounded by trees

"Rocktown" in Crockford-Pigeon Mountain WMA

A small stream of water exiting an old tunnel in a rock wall

Abandoned rail tunnel

Looking out of a tunnel with water covering the ground. Tunnel is finished with bricks and an arched ceiling. Paige standing outside.
Paige standing in calve-deep water in a cave-like tunnel. Tire under water in foreground.
Looking out of a cave-like space toward green trees. Book-sized rocks mounded up in entrance.

A different abandoned tunnel, this one from a mining train, one of four such tunnels on the Estelle Mines Trail in Crockford-Pigeon Mountain WMA

Silhouetted bicyclist in narrow, unfinished tunnel
Spring in man-made channel exiting hillside and going under a large, narrow rock placed as a bridge. Flat area with fire ring in background.

Campsite in Crockford-Pigeon Mountain WMA with its own spring

Georgia/Alabama border

DeSoto Falls, DeSoto State Park, Alabama

Smaller, less-vertical waterfall. Refrigerator-sized boulders sticking out of the creek downstream
River at the bottom of a narrow valley, viewed from a distance

First glimpse into Little River Canyon as we started biking from the downstream end. Not too dramatic yet...

River with fairly flat water. You can tell it bends against a cliff-like wall in the distance.
River with a rapid between two flat stretches in steep canyon viewed from the cliffs above.

...but it gets more canyon-like.

Panorama of river in a steep canyon. Same rapid visible in the photo above is visible in the left (upstream) end
Wide waterfall with a vertical drop of about two stories downstream of a highway bridge

Litte River Falls

Bird-foot violets on road embankment in foreground. Out-of-focus cyclist (Josh) in background
Bikes leaned against a sign that says "CLOUDLAND / CHATTANOOGA →"

No sign for the state line, but this road is right on the border.

Paige on gravel (but well-graded) road next to a fenced field of yellow flowers

New York City → Princeton, NJ → Philadelphia, PA

I seemingly only took pictures of and/or from bridges on this trip.

Yes, this is a different bridge than the previous photo.

Delaware & Raritan Canal towpath

Lock on the D&R Canal

Light snow just barely sticking on the first day of Code4Lib 2023.

Bike with subtly non-planar rear wheel propped in corner of Gothic revival breezeway at Princeton. Through the opening of the breezeway we can see a light snow sticking to plants but not the ground.

Something about that bike propped casually in this breezeway struck me as picturesque, like a clichéd European scene or something. Then I noticed the rear wheel of the bike is deformed, so it's probably been there awhile.

Interior view of Princeton Chapel, looking down the center aisle with colorful banners hanging above looking like something out of goddamned Harry Potter
Worn tombstone for Aaron Burr with a modern plaque in front, flanked by small American flags in a fairly dense cemetery