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Small boats out in grey ocean under grey sky

Portland, ME

Boston, MA

Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

Olmsted Park

Crossing some things off the NYC bucket list...

Staten Island Ferry. Finally set foot in 5/5 boroughs.

The Cloisters, Manhattan

First time across the George Washington Bridge

George Washington Bridge

Sign for "Anish Kapoor / Descension" and a barrier that reads "LAWN CLOSED"


Golden, CO

Dirty beige Coors factory nestled between two low grassy mesas

Coors factory, Golden, CO

Colorado statehouse, Dever

Supplies arranged on motel bed: tent, P-clamps, hose clamps, three pairs of brake pads, three front bike lights (three small, one large), two rear lights, gauze, four spokes, tubes, tire levers, tube patches, vulcanizing fluid, locking pliers, USB cords, key, tag, spoke nipples, P-clamps, hose clamps, canvas bag, velcro straps, miscellaneous tiny hardware, and two five-peso coins.

End of the bike trip: This is the supplies I sent home along with the bike. Pro tip: you do not need four front lights nor three spare pairs of brake pads (I didn't use even one) nor locking pliers. Nor did I need my spare bike lock key nor any of my spare spokes, though I think those are prudent carries. (Maybe just one or two spokes, though.)

The most important repair supplies here, besides normal patch kit stuff, are the sleeping bag tag in the lower left — it makes an excellent tire "boot" — and the hose clamps.

Great Sand Dunes National Park

Zapata Falls Campground

A colorful day into Colorado

El Salto waterfalls, Arroyo Seco, NM