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Columbia, South Carolina

Crossing the Broad River

Columbia Canal Diversion Dam

Path along the Columbia Canal

View of downtown from Finlay Park

South Carolina statehouse

Fun greenways of Greenville, South Carolina

Linky Stone Park

Reedy River waterfront

Falls Park

Falls Park

Falls Park

Cancer Survivors Park

Lake Conestee Nature Preserve

Lake Conestee Nature Preserve

Leaving for South Carolina on a misty fall day

The drizzle clears just in time for a snack in Rosman, NC

Autumn trip through the Smokies

We took yet another interlude before the final portion of our bike trip (biking from Sylva to Charleston to finish the official "cross-country" trip). Among the activities during the break was a one-night backpacking trip in Great Smoky Mountains National Park. We hiked from Abrams Creek campground to Gregory Bald, met the Appalachian Trail at Doe Knob, and continued along the AT to Fontana Dam, visiting the Shuckstack Fire Tower along the way.

Gregory Bald

Gregory Bald

Bumblebee climbing deep inside gentians


Climbing up Shuckstack

View from Shuckstack Fire Tower

Fontana Dam, once we reached the trailhead and finished retrieving the car parked at Abrams Creek

Back in western North Carolina, biking from Asheville to Sylva after dropping off our rental car, and seeing some good Halloween decorations in ‎⁨Waynesville⁩, NC